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Forget about Powerpoint presentations and pdf manuals! Get your message across more effectively with an engaging multimedia presentation!

 In manuals, guides and presentations, raising and maintaining interest is everything. Whether we are talking about a machine, a process or a new idea, it can be presented engagingly in various visual ways. With story-based and participatory solutions and high-quality content production, you are effectively engaging your target audience.

We also provide solutions to the communication challenges of induction, change management, and strategy implementation.

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What we can offer

1. Online manuals

Turn pdf manuals into living guides!

Online manuals are a great tool to introduce systems, equipment and products in a visual and practical way. Pictures tell more than a thousand words – videos and animations more than a thousand photos! A well structured online manual is easy to use and navigate.

Digital manuals are perfect in induction and training, but also in bringing assembly, user’s and service manuals to life. A digital manual can be accessed anywhere, on phone, pad and computer. And, importantly, they are easily brought up-to-date.
Our manuals can be built either using more traditional content or newer technologies (AR, 360
° etc.)


Make sure your audience won’t fall asleep!

Forget never ending slide shows: You can turn your presentation into an interesting story. Guarantee your audience’s undivided attention by enriching it with videos and visual elements. Your stories are unforgettable and you gain fame as a memorable performer.


360° puts you in the middle of action!

360 ° panoramas and presentations built on them open up new worlds for your audience. Your audience can explore any given space on computer screen, as if they were there themselves. You can attach hotspots, such as videos, text bubbles and links to the image. Lift your presentations to a whole new level!

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4. eCards and video greetings

Delight, engage, surprise!

Spread the joy with your own animated video message! All you need to do is to record your greeting and send us your photo, and we’ll create for you an unforgettable, personalized video message, to email or post on your social media pages. Whether it’s for an event or special day – or maybe you want to introduce yourself in a new way – here’s a fun new alternative for you.


Hook and create hype with an online calendar!

What creates anticipation better than a Christmas calendar? Now you can create the same enthusiastic anticipation, whether it’s of a party, product launch or a company football tournament. Behind the hatches you can hide videos, product presentations, newsletters, competitions or whatever you come up with. Is there a better way to create consistent daily traffic to your web site?


Raise the interest with gamification!

Game elements can be added to online courses and presentations. A quiz is a great way to test a viewer’s knowledge or skills – or even interest in your company’s products and services. You can also use game elements in eLearning as part of exercises and tests. Competitions, games, and good prizes attract more visitors to your site. Posting the winners or scores in social media is a part of effective marketing communication.

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