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Why TopLine Media

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We are personal

We walk by your side throughout the entire production process. By working together with you we ensure an outcome that exceeds expectations.

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We are competent

In addition to our team’s diverse experience, we have a wide network of professionals at hand. This is why we find the best solutions and professionals to every challenge.

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We are creative and visionary

We are known as trailblazers in creating memorable and fascinating online content. Our speciality lies in storytelling and interactive content.

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We are agile and adaptable

We succeed when you succeed. We can easily adapt to fast-paced situations and changing schedules.

eLearning Solutions

We don’t ask what you want to teach – we ask what you want your learner to learn.

The most successful eLearning content is a well-written, addictive multimedia package, always stemming from the learning goal. In our concept, the learner is at the center of the story – storified learning is proven to be most effective and is best remembered. All factual content is edited in relatively short snippets to keep the learner focused and interested.

The online course module can be the same for everyone, or it can follow individual interactive routes where the learner’s path evolves according to their choices and abilities. Visual elements enrich the learning experience whereas tasks and test make sure the learner actually learns.

eLearning is a cost-effective investment, equally suitable for onboarding, implementing new practises and training. Once the basics have been learned online, contact days can be used for coaching and mentoring. eLearning content is also easily updated and changed.

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Digital and online manuals are a great way to visualise almost anything in a practical way. Videos, animations and pictures actually do tell more than a thousand words. Digital manuals can also include downloadable documents, as well as checklists and other interactive elements.

A well structured digital or online manual is easy to navigate and search. It can be accessed anywhere, is easily updated and translated. And it can be enriched in limitless ways, from text and illustrations to virtual content.

Digital manuals can be used also in training, onboarding and mentoring. Or, we can turn your existing materials into digital manuals for easy distribution. Digital manuals can easily be intertwined with eLearning modules, using the same original content. Easy and cost-effective!

Webcasts and streamed events

Our webcasts and streamed events combine the best aspects of a webinar and a television show – a hybrid event even adds the reactions of a live audience. Pre-recorded inserts and chapters make sure the webcast stays on schedule.

Any online content, especially webcasts, must be scripted like a good tv show. In addition, one must make sure the viewers and/or live audiences feel genuinely involved and taken into consideration.
We can stream your webcasts and events either from our studio, your premises – or entirely online, using browser-based HD video links.

It is essential to plan the content, structure and used technologies well in advance. The webcast or event can be recorded and the recording edited into easily digestible chapters. We can help you create interesting events that people actually want to watch and that have a long shelf life.


Virtual studio

For us, a Virtual Studio is much more than a green backdrop, spotlights and a couple of cameras. Content is everything, stories keep the viewers glued to their screens.

A well-scripted studio webcast, well produced video inserts and experts interviewed either in the studio or via a HD video link bring to life the topics at hand. A television-standard webcast keeps the viewers interested and stays in their minds longer than watching a regular webinar.

For us the studio space is just a tool, it the actual content that matters. We create the master plan and shooting script together with the client and train everybody to be at their best on camera. Our virtual studios can be modified to fit your brand – and we have several to choose from. Once the studio layout and basic graphic elements have been made, they can be used in any upcoming productions. We are always there for you, from early planning to end credits.

Virtual Expo Stands and Showrooms

Virtual Expo Stands and Showrooms provide your clients with an enchanting and personal visit, from where ever they might be. Visitors are free to roam the stand and browse the items and services, just as they would be at a regular Trade Fair.

Virtual Expo Stands can include all the same elements as physical ones – the products on display, demos, presentations, meetings, networking – and of course, leads. Using meeting platforms, such as our partner Tavata, you can also have scheduled meetings with your visitors before, during and even after the event itself. Your visitors can also network amongst each other, if required.

Virtual Expo Stands and Showrooms can be open 24/7 around the year. There is no need to travel, which lowers the bar for prospective clients to visit. And, every visitor is a sole visitor, no wait times or crowds. The richer the experience, the better it stays in the visitor’s mind and leads to desired results.

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Interactive Virtual Events

A great virtual event combines interesting and diverse programme with networking and socialising opportunities. We and our partners make your event a full-on virtual experience on one single platform. Furthermore, you can also add your own virtual Expo Stand or Showroom to any virtual event.

The participants can introduce themselves and their companies on a dedicated event website. They can also network with other participants. They can schedule physical or virtual meetings with one another before, during and even after the event. The event may also have virtual side rooms for lectures or group meetings.

Just like on television, the virtual stage can be a combination of live presenters or performers and pre-recorded insert videos. We can stream in guest performers from all over the world with our browser-based HD video links. The event can be recorded and viewed online, and even the participants contacted, for as long as you like after the live event itself.

Animated and Whiteboard videos

Animated and whiteboard videos are an excellent way to boost communication. Graphic and animated presentations can easily show ideas and things that are otherwise hard to explain. A well written animation video is at its best a story that wakes interest and feeds imagination.

A cartoon character that looks like you and speaks with your voice adds personality to any presentation. With lip sync, it really looks alive. The other option, whiteboard video, draws a visual story together with audio narration.

Animations and whiteboard videos are a cost-effective and easily updateable tool for training, onboarding and communication. Furthermore, they can be made completely without physical contact or travelling if need be. They are also a good friend for those with an incurable camera fright!

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