What TopLine Media?

Our values

Simple, Curious, Joyful, Partner, Agile, Innovative

TopLine Media transforms your expertise into stories online. We are trailblazers in creating participatory and engaging online content, be it for education, training or communication. We are known for creative and engaging story-based solutions.

Our beginnings in brief

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Stories come first

At TopLine Media, storytelling is the cornerstone of our business. Not only is story-based learning effective, it is also much more motivating than endless slide shows. It is also possible to create a customized story and learning path for each learner, if so desired.


Our way of working

With us, you only need to focus on your own expertise, without unnecessary stress or tension. Our personal approach and cozy studio can make even the most camera-shy performers relax.

Whether you want eLearning modules, large multimedia packages or individual videos, we’re here to help. We will walk alongside you, advising and guiding throughout the production process. We are agile to adapt to rapidly changing situations and schedules. We guarantee that you are happy with the result!

At Your Service

TopLine Media toimitusjohtaja, Erja Hakkarainen pitää vesipyssyä kädessä

Erja Hakkarainen


Erja has over two decades of experience in the production of communication content and over ten years of experience in teaching and training. Erja’s passion is to elevate eLearning to the next level through stories, interactivity, gamification and genuine engagement.

Juha Pihanen


Juha has over 30 years of experience in production, from theatre to sports, IT and film. He is also a professional actor who has worked on various productions in Finland and abroad. Juha has had the honour of working with four Oscar winners. In his free time, Juha does yoga.

TopLine Media producer tuottaja Juha Pihanen pitää vesipyssyä kädessä


In our interactive tour (in Finnish), you will get to know not just TopLine Media, but everything we can offer your company!

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