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Animations are a great way to enhance your communication. With graphical and animated presentations, you can easily present abstract things that are otherwise difficult to explain. Stories bring things to life, and when the animation brings your own character to life with your own voice, you surely get undivided attention!

Animations are a cost-effective and easy-to-update alternative for training, orientation and communication. They are also the best friend of a camera-shy performer!

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Graphic presentations

Graphic presentations make it easy to illustrate various statistics and flow charts. Graphic representations may be transformed into an animated video or embedded in other video material.


Animation Videos

At their best, animation videos are like short films. They are a memorable and cost-effective way of presenting virtually anything. A well-scripted animation is sure to attract attention and to keep your audience engaged.

A character that looks like you and speaks with your own voice adds yet another layer to your presentation.


Individual story lines

It is now possible to teach or present things through individually changing story lines. The story evolves through the choices the viewer makes. So, the interactive storyline literally twists and turns. The viewer can reach the goal or a desired learning result through trial and error – or their own expertise.


Whiteboard videos

A whiteboard video (whiteboard animation, animated doodling, or video scribing) tells a story that is simultaneously visualized by a drawing hand.

You can add speech or music to your comic-strip-like video to bring your presentation to life. With whiteboard videos you can easily visualize even complex issues.

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Watch Erja’s presentation about our animation products (only in Finnish for now).

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