Online Courses
and eLearning Modules

More flexible
results online!

Every learner has different skills and knowledge base. Also, everyone learns differently and at different speeds. Cost-effective eLearning solutions enable everyone to study at their own pace and on their own terms – regardless of time and place. The teaching is certainly the same – the content is the same for everyone. Tests and exercises ensure that everyone achieves the required level of competence.

eLearning is particularly suitable for induction, teaching new standards and practices, training for technicians and subcontractors, quality control, etc. eLearning is suitable for companies with their own certifications and tests or for companies where multi-person induction is the responsibility.

The content of the online training modules can be easily updated to meet the ever-changing training needs. As part of multiform training, online training enables the trainer to act as a coach, as theories have been studied online before the coming days.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring!

At its best, eLearning modules are well-written, immersive and participatory. eLearning no longer means just a video lecture uploaded to YouTube. For us, the learner is the one in the middle of the story, as story-based learning stays in memory longer. Topics and modules are chopped up into easy-to-digest snippets around a gripping plot.

The learning modules can be traditional, linear, with the same study path for everyone. But it can also be a personalized, multifaceted and interactive online course. There the learners navigate independently, as the path is based on their own choices, strengths and weaknesses. Separate elements enrich the learning experience. Exercises and tests ensure that everything has been fully absorbed.


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