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Video is a many splendored thing

Whatever you wish to present, you can make a play or a short film of it. Or discuss it in an interview or panel discussion. For many experts, interviewing is a much more relaxed form, where the presence of cameras can at best be forgotten.

It’s always a good idea to enrich your video with a variety of images, animations, graphic elements or background art – to support and reinforce the message you are telling. With modern technology, you can easily choose the physical setting or even time period to frame your story.

Video in a variety of ways

We make various videos in addition to or instead of a plain talking head. Click on the headlines to learn more about different ways of video production.


When you want to record an event, performance or lecture


When you want to showcase your business, products and services in a concrete way


When you want to present several different points of view at the same time


When you want to demonstrate or teach use of software and applications


When you want to tell your story in the form of a dramatized film


Almost as if you were there

A recording captures your speech, lecture or presentation as it is for possible editing. It can also be published as such. However, in order to maintain viewers’ interest, it is advisable to split the recording into smaller chapters.

 Live broadcasting is fashionable nowadays. However, often a more viable alternative is a well-planned and scripted recording that is broadcast to everyone simultaneously at a given time. You can add a live Q&A or chat with experts after the broadcast, to bring the feeling a of live broadcast. This ensures both quality video content and a chance for viewers’ questions.

Recording is particularly suitable for seminars, events or presentations.

A picture says more than a thousand words and a video more than a thousand pictures. Video is a familiar and safe way to present… well, just about anything. There are various ways to amplify and enrich your video message. You can also add animations to videos or videos to animations to create an capturing and outstanding presentation.

Well-scripted videos are still one of the best ways to get your message across.


Visual, familiar and effective


Expertise in a tad more relaxed way

Interviews and panel discussions are an interesting and easy way of presentation. The benefit of an interview is that the interviewer makes sure that all relevant things get said. The interviewer can also, at best, relax the performer to speak naturally in front of the camera.

In a panel discussion, different views and opinions can be introduced in many ways. When led by a knowledgeable moderator, the conversation is fluid and engaging.

Interviews and panel discussions are a more natural way of presenting new things and perspectives than lectures.

With screen recording you demonstrate and effectively present the use of any program or operating system from your own computer screen. It is also great for recording webinars, meetings and training sessions.

Screen recording is done via Skype / Teams, for example, and can be made directly from your workstation.

The video is then edited and enriched with captioning and various effects and elements if needed. They help you get the viewer’s attention at just the right moment at the right place. You can also add video or animation content to the screen recording.

On-screen recording allows you, for example, to easily broadcast video tutorials and introductory materials, or even record “tacit knowledge” in your business or that of a retiring colleague.


Record meetings and trainings


Oscar-worthy stories

Dramatized videos are a powerful and effective way to tell things. Best stories unforgettable. A video story allows you showcase your business, your products and services, or train your staff and customers. A well-written video story is like a small movie.

There may be several stories or even a series to hook your audience. The viewer can also be involved in your story: As it progresses, the viewer can be given various choices that influence the storyline and possibly even the outcome.

Other elements, from animation to digital effects, can be added to dramatized videos. Or you can make your entire movie into an animation.

Dramas and movies are an engaging and impressive way to hook your audience. They are unique in brand work, induction, training, and the launch of new products, strategies and policies.

Examples of our work

Videoitu näytelmäkohtaus, nainen ja mies väittelemässä
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Kaikki sanoo Tahdon -traileri

Näytelmän videoitu traileri, miestä ja naista haastatellaan
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Kaikki Sanoo Tahdon -kutsuvierasennakko 

Videoitu Mikael Saari konsertti
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Mikael Saari – Myrsky

Esittelyvideo narsismista
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Mitä on narsismi?

Lyhytelokuvan trailerivideo, puita lumessa
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